Build and sell your awesome online course with zero fees.

We believe everyone has a course to teach. It’s our mission to make the course creation process the easy part. Teachery requires no development skills, has nothing to install, you don’t need a PhD in Internet Wizardry, and you can have your online course up and selling in a matter of minutes.

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This is what sets us apart...

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Zero monthly fees

We’ve done away with fees! Our plans are paid monthly or annually (annual plans save 20%!). We’ll never force you to pay us more money just because your course is selling like hotcakes.

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Ease of use

We’re not going to say a baby could create an online course with Teachery, mostly because babies don’t have credit cards and couldn’t pay us, but we’ve made course creation as easy as writing an email in Gmail.

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Unlimited everything

You can make as many courses as you like. Your courses can have as many Landing and Payment Pages as you like. You can have as many students take your courses as you like! We’ll never charge you for being awesome. Ever.

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We have two flexible
course templates

Our customizable course templates give you the ability to make your course your own. These templates have been tested and built around a framework that helps your students learn. That is the whole point, right?

The Default Template

  • Tons of custom branding options
  • Robust lesson features
  • Responsive and mobile friendly

The Minimal Template

  • Clean and simple
  • Focuses on your content
  • Responsive and mobile friendly
Default Template
Default Template

Made for Online Biz Owners

Teachery was created with you in mind, because we’re online business owners too. We know you’re busy and we’ve tried to make creating and selling your online course an easy process. We wouldn’t ever want to be penalized for success, which is why we give you unlimited courses and customers at no extra charge (ever!)


You get a 2-week free trial to kick the Teachery tires. We want you to get the full experience before worrying about paying us.


We give you a free course that guides you through the process of creating the best course content YOU can pump out.


Host your images and videos where ever you like, then we make it easy for you to embed them in your course lessons.


Go nuts making your course stand out from the rest (or match your existing branding)!


With Teachery you can create as many payment pages as you like. Your payment pages can be sold as fixed one-time payments (example: $20) or with recurring monthly or annual payments (example: $15 per month or $150 per year). We also have promo codes and fancy countdown timers to help motivate your students to purchase.

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Create your course content

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Add content to lessons

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Style/brand your course

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Edit your payment page and start selling!


Did someone say AFFILIATES?

It’s such a great feature, we had to use all caps. Reward your friends for helping you sell your course - wahoo!

Our course affiliate system lets you decide what pages an affiliate can promote and get credit for. We handle the payouts for your affiliates through PayPal, and there’s no extra effort on your part. You get your friends to promote and sell your course, we’ll handle the rest.


Yes, we do have customizable landing pages!

Don’t have a website for your course? Just looking to capture a few email addresses to gauge interest? The Teachery customizable landing pages have you covered!

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Want to create 254 different landing pages for your course? Yep, you can do that, for no extra cost.

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Want to add videos and testimonials to your landing pages? We’ve got your back on that as well.

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Already have an awesome landing page or website? It’s super easy to connect your Teachery payment pages!

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We also allow for custom domains and custom subdomains. Snazzy, huh?

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Manage and Track Your Customers

Would you be interested in knowing the lifetime value of a customer? How about how much time they spend viewing your course? Or what their average course completion is? Our course and customer analytics will keep you up-to-date and informed.

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Fancy Charts and Graphs!

Listen, who doesn’t love a good chart or graph? We display your course analytics using fun and easy to understand visuals (no crappy pie charts around here!)

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Your Customer Data is Yours

We don’t hold your data hostage. We have an open-door (but secure) data policy, so you can download CSVs until your heart’s content. It’s your data, have it!

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Zapier and Google Analytics

Get deeper into your course analytics by adding Google Analytics to your account. Then, go one step further and use our Zapier integration to do fun automations and other weird stuff you might be into.

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MailChimp and ConvertKit

We currently integrate directly with these two email marketing platforms. We can also collect emails for you that are exported through CSV files. Huzzah!

Wonderful things our
customers are saying...

These are not paid endorsements or made up customers. They’re real course creators, just like you. Teachery has been built completely on word of mouth since it started in 2014 and it will continue that way forever.

Kelsey Baldwin

Kelsey Baldwin said:

“The clean, simple design fit in perfectly with my brand’s aesthetic, making it a no-brainer for me. I was blown away by how quickly Teachery helped me pull all pieces together, and it gave me momentum to finish and sell my course!”

Esteban Martinez

Esteban Martinez said:

“As soon as I got my hands on Teachery I was excited to see how easy it was to put my online course together. All the technical burdens were taken off my shoulders and all I had to do was focus on creating the content.”

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